Hall Law Firm was founded in 1993 in Hillsboro, Washington County, Oregon by Terrance A. Hall (active) and Marlene L. Hall (active retired). In 2013, Terrance A. Hall and Ryan M. Wilkinson formed the partnership Hall Law Firm, LLP.

The office is located at 209 NE Lincoln Street, Suite C, Hillsboro, Oregon, in close proximity to the courthouse. Our office provides legal representation for individuals involved in civil cases, family law cases, and criminal cases primarily in Washington County, Oregon. A separate information topic has been provided (above) for each of these practice areas.

Successful trial representation results from careful factual analysis, thorough legal research, continual factual development, and assertive, energetic advocacy. Each case is composed of two basic elements: the law and the facts. The law is the framework or skeleton of the case. Once the legal framework is “fleshed out” with the facts, every case is different, just as each person is different. The attorney’s duty is to inform clients accurately of the applicable law upon which the case is based, and thereafter develop facts which are admissible as evidence and will result in the judge or jury finding that the case has been proven.

Washington County Juries

Washington County, Oregon is located directly west of Portland, Oregon with a population of approximately 550,000. Hall Law Firm, LLP is located at 209 NE Lincoln Street, Suite C, kitty-corner from the Courthouse complex in Hillsboro, the county seat of Washington County.

Washington County industry and businesses include Intel Corporation, Solar
World, Genentech, the headquarters for Nike Corporation, Techtronics, Inc., as well as world renowned agricultural industry, including world class grass seed and berry crop operations.

Washington County residents, in per capita profile, have the highest level of educations, highest average annual income, and largest percentage of non-native Oregonians when compared with the residents of other counties in Oregon.

A cross section of the Washington County citizenry presents juries who are extraordinarily educated, logical and competent fact finders. Poorly prepared litigants do not fare well under their scrutiny.