Criminal Defense

If you are contacted by law enforcement and think that you may be the subject of a criminal investigation, you should immediately exercise both your right to remain silent and your right to consult an attorney. Tell the officer clearly that you wish to exercise your right to remain silent, and do not answer any questions without first consulting an attorney.

The police are not required to advise you of your rights unless you are in a situation where a reasonable person would believe that they are not free to leave. They don’t have to tell you that they suspect you have committed a crime. Waiting to see "how things go" before you exercise your right to remain silent may result in serious consequences, including ultimately serving time in jail or the penitentiary.

Criminal litigation is faster moving and less tedious when compared to civil litigation, like checkers to chess. Don’t find yourself “on the board alone” and adverse to law enforcement. Law enforcement officials in Washington County generally reflect the strengths of the general citizenry; they are hard working and competent.

Our office provides criminal defense services from the outset to conclusion for most state court criminal proceedings, including DUII and other driving offenses, most misdemeanors, and felonies. You have a constitutional right to counsel, and the fact that you have exercised that right cannot be used against you. Our mission is to see that our clients are extricated or found not guilty as soon as possible.

Terrance Hall has been advocating successfully with the District Attorney’s Office, in criminal court and jury trials since 1973. If you need an attorney for a criminal matter, please contact us promptly using the information on the homepage.